A new year, a new me.

Happy New Year!

Things around here have been going at a frenetic pace…not a unique feeling being the holidays and all…but on Saturday I managed to throw my husband a 21st, I mean a 40th birthday party.

Having his birthday the week before Christmas has been a complaint of his since, well, since the day he was born.  So I decided that for once we would celebrate his birthday when I was so sick of christmas I couldn’t even possibly wrap his presents in santa paper.

But here is the fault in my plan.  Not only was I sick of Christmas, I was sick of entertaining, and tired, and slightly lazy.

So enter the birthday party planned by pinterest.

Thank you pinterest.  Without  you I wouldn’t have an original thought of my own.

So here is what I did:




A photo wall.  Made from brown craft paper, a spray painted wooden frame from michael’s, and some props from the party store.  This has been the #yearofthehashtag for us, so I also put some sharpies out so that people could add their own hashtag for the birthday boy.  Luckily this didn’t deteriorate like the guest book at my wedding did.  I hope Hugh Janus had a good time.  My inspiration was from here.

Then there was this:



While I couldn’t find the picture of him dressed up like a cheerleader, I did manage to find plenty other pictures of the birthday boy and then I glued them onto cardboard cut out in the shape of the number 40.  Inspiration from here.

Then there was the candy bar:


I had to go to WalMart for the first time in YEARS…but so worth it.  Cheap candy, colorful, and bags from the party store.  And I made the tags myself…what???  You read that right.  I stumbled upon this blog that showed me how to do it.  So take some stock paper, a 2.5″ circle cut out, and a deep breath and you can make all the tags you want.  Here was my original inspiration for the candy bar.

And then there was the cake.  I take NO responsibility for this except that I told my awesome cake baker, The Rising Flour, what I had in mind, and she gave me this: (forgive the young waitstaff for not taking it out of the box when they served it!)


And finally…the gift that keep on giving…the party favors.  I knew this was the perfect treat for after the party when I watched my friend inhale six of them at my kitchen table at 2am.  Donuts…good stuff.




All in all, a girl with no creativity whatsoever, pulled off an easy party with just a little bit of help from her internet “friends.”  I promise- if I can do it, you can do it.  But don’t start by googling “adult birthday ideas”  like I did.  You will end up wasting lots of time googling how to clear your browser history.  Just sayin’.







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